Cherie Hunter Day trained as a biologist and worked both in field research and in the laboratory. Haiku entered the picture early in her life as did drawing and painting. She began writing haiku in high school as a journal assignment for English class. Haiku bring the natural world close and nurture the soul. In August 2013 Red Moon Press published apology moon, her second full-length haiku collection. Other titles include: an award-winning haiku book, The Horse with One Blue Eye (Snapshot Press, 2006); an award-winning tanka book, Early Indigo (Snapshot Press, 2000); and a collection of responsive tanka with David Rice, Kindle of Green (Platyopus Books, 2008). She currently edits the haiku journal Mariposa and serves on the editorial staff for the Red Moon Anthology of English-language Haiku. She lives with her husband and son in Cupertino, California.