Grant (D.) Savage is a Ottawa, Canada, naturalist, poet and photographer. Born in Ottawa, in 1956, he’s been away a few times, but has been back since 1978. Author of two chapbooks, The Swan’s Wings (1994) (Renku, with his late companion, Ruby Spriggs) and Finding a Breeze (King’s Road Press, 2009) and has two full poetry books out; Their White With Them (a book of Haiku, Senryu, Tanka (Bondi Studios, 2006) and Winter Tanka (inkling press, 2013). In 1999 he managed first place in the Betty Drevniok Award, in 2010, he judged it. Now he mostly keeps to his own street, in what was once the SW corner, of the now sprawling city. He is often seen stopping to gaze once more at a familiar tree, seen in a different light. Or failing that, waiting for the wind … perhaps a slammed car door, to suggest word-sounds … maybe one of his dog friends, will sniff, or sneeze out, a poem.