Jeff is the Education Director at the Watershed Institute in Pennington, New Jersey where the mission is to keep water clean, healthy and safe. Since 1980, Jeff has worked on behalf of the environment, sharing his passion for the natural world and examining, with thousands of students annually, our place and role in it. He enjoys a very public love affair with all things wild and can oft be found communing with all manner of plants and animals. He is fueled by his intimate connection with nature.

Jeff rediscovered haiku around 2005, strongly identifying with Issa’s intimate relationship with nature’s smaller beings and the immediacy of a moment captured. Jeff practices haiku as an antidote to a busy life and to stay connected to the “real” world. Jeff has published several hundred haiku, appearing in a wide range of journals and anthologies. He was a featured poet in New Resonance 7 – Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku by Red Moon Press in 2011.