Michele L. Harvey is a professional landscape painter living in New York, dividing the year between rural Central New York and New York City. Her poetry has been kindly and widely accepted by most of the current Japanese short form poetry publications. Examples of her poetry and painting may be found online at her website :


On Haiku:

Haiku and painting were a natural pairing, each calling for attentiveness to nature and an openness to participation. Neither ever really captures its ineffable quality but each may give a taste of it. The fact that it can never be fully captured is what makes haiku and painting as pastimes, so captivating.
The creative comes through me. I am only the willing instrument in the process.
Haiku and art in general, continue to live through shared experience. The best art is not passive. It is an invitation. It requires the viewer or reader to bring their own feelings, understanding and experience to the process. This commingling breathes new life into an otherwise lifeless creation and assures its continuance. It becomes shared experience or awareness looking at itself, from another of its infinite perspectives.