Ron C. Moss is an artist and poet from Tasmania, a place of rugged wilderness, which inspires his art and poetry. Ron is recognized as a successful illustrator and designer of many award winning poetry books. His haiku and related genres have won many international prizes and his poetry has been widely published and translated into several languages. Ron’s haiku was selected for the recent anthologies, Haiku In English-The First Hundred Years and Where the River Goes: The Nature Tradition in English-Language Haiku, Edited by Allan Burns.

Ron’s has been an editor and haiku judge and is a past secretary of the Australia Haiku Society and maintains regular writing partnerships with poets in several countries. Ron, along with his writing partners is a two-time winner of the HSA International renku competition. He is a currently a member of the Haiku Society of America and Consulting & Contributing Artist for the online journal A Hundred Gourds.

Ron won the prestigious Snapshot Press haiku book collection award with The Bone Carver, which is available now. Other recent major awards are the Presence Seashell Competition, The Haiku Foundation: Touchstone Award and The Heron’s Nest Award.

Ron writes: I consider myself a student of the Zen arts, which have fascinated me from an early age. I enjoy the distilled conciseness of haiku, the exploration of art and mixed media, and sometimes I like to combine the two, as in the ancient tradition of haiga.I try to bring a sense of contemplation into my work. Moments of stillness are important in our very busy lives and my path is to practice the way of art and haiku poetry.

muttering thunder: an annual of fine haiku and art, Edited by Allan Burns, Art by Ron C. Moss

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Ron can be contacted for commissioned work in illustration and design specializing in book covers and mixed media image making.