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Sunday, August 31st, 2014

deep green world. . .
days roll on gently
in the mountains

- kris moon

Author Bio

kris moon ( known to many as Kris Kondo)
b 2/18/1946 mother, new grandmother, artist, poet, teacher... US citizen grew up in Toronto & Montreal after completing studies at Boston Museum School & Tufts University & having her first art shows at Cafe Florian where she worked as night manager in 1972 she crossed the Pacific on the Brazil Maru in her big green suitcase RHBlythe haiku books, a present from her Japanese artist lover who remained in Boston to make his fame there Intending to stay in Japan for a year she fell in love with Japan where she still lives in Kiyokawa village above a mountain river the sketchbook diaries of her early days wandering all over Japan with Basho's Osonohosomichi always in her backpack were where her first haiku were born over 20 years married to haiku & renku poet Tadashi Shokan Kondo & interactions with enthusiastic haiku poets of the 70's, '80s & '90 as well as co-founding AIR, the association for International Renku attending & presenting at many HNA since it started were all major influences Art and poetry have always intermingled, joining Facebook & discovering all of my worlds intersecting there,becoming close to new-to-me poets through NaHaiWriMo All of the haiku here have been created originally as haiga shared on Facebook over the past few years. I chose ones from August that i felt could stand on their own. I like to create these & share everyday so all of my haiku reflect the season & day & time they were born. Living and letting art & poetry flow through me & sharing are simply a part of who i am.

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