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Saturday, January 31st, 2009

crabapple blossoms
something gone a-flowering
on the inside, too

- Marjorie Buettner

Author Bio

Marjorie Buettner lives in Minnesota with her family. She has received numerous awards for her tanka and haiku. She also writes sijo and haibun and dapples in photo-haiga. She has taught at the Loft in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a frequent book reviewer for Modern Haiku, Moonset, Gusts and Simply Haiku (on-line). Her most recent publication credits are: County Lines, (87 Minnesota Counties, 130 Minnesota Poets) published by Loonfeather Press, The Tanka Prose Anthology, (published by Modern English Tanka Press), Ash Moon Anthology: Poems on Aging, (published by MET). Seeeing It Now (published by Red Dragonfly Press) is her first collection of haiku and tanka.

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